Thursday, 26 December 2013

Car Tyres Spinning - Instructions

Many car fanatics enjoy freewheeling. It is illegal in many countries but it’s hard to stop these fanatics. In some countries there are special tracks made for these activities. 

Spinning Tyres is not that thing which any person can do with his father’s car. Its an art which these fanatics develop by practice. They do this to warm the rubber of the tyre so the smoke will come out.
If anyone wants to learn how to do this spinning he should continue reading:

1.      At first a race track is required.
2.      Get yourself registered with the Race club. Club also might charge some fees for subscription.
3.      In the earlier stages just drive car slowly on the track so that you will have the better idea about the road and its dimensions.
4.      Make sure when you are driving there are no spectators in the driving zone. 
5.      Now for spinning keep your foot firmly on the break.
6.      Now press the gas pedal until you see the smoke coming from tyres.
7.      In this process make sure that RPM is always under red line.
8.      It is always better to do this spinning in the 3rd gear. Better results can be gained in 3rd gear.

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