Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tungsten Carbide Rings And Breach Of US Law

There are many different shapes in which a metal can be molded, depending upon the drawings or specifications send by the customer. One of those designs is known as round or a ring.
The most astonishing news of the year 2013 is that a popular USA company has who is providing carbide rings to many wholesalers and customers of the world has recently reached a settlement with its rival company also located in US. According to the new agreement the rival company wont sell tungsten carbide rings any more, the main reason behind this settlement is that the rival company was responsible for some serious damages in the past.
The main crime of the rival company was that it was distributing tungsten carbide rings without license which is a big offense in any developed country like USA. The company also has to give some additional fines to the USA government. The company also has to pay fines for damages it has incurred on the credibility of the industry.
Carbide Tooling Manufacturers have severe competition between them and in any case there is such type of breach then its totally unacceptable for the market.

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