Friday, 3 January 2014

Microwave Plastic Containers – keeping you Safe and Healthy

Microwaves have gained popularity for last few years. They have reduced the kitchen work load and hardship in the kitchen. Moreover studies have proved that nutritional value of food cooked in microwave oven is greater than foods cooked by other methods. But using wrong type of container takes away all the benefits.
Plastic are classified from 1 to 7. From which 1, 2, and 5 are considered safe. Using microwave-safe plastic is the solution of the problem. These are some suggestion which may helpful in deciding the right Microwave Plastic Containers:

  •   When you have to buy plastic container, go for the high quality containers. They may be costly but they will last for years
  •  If container is badly scratched, get rid of it. It is no more safe to store food
  • Don’t microwave foods in containers which are tend to be used only once, because they may melt and transfer harmful chemicals into food
  • Use a nonabrasive soap to clean reusable containers and do it with your hands because scrubbing may scratch plastic

Microwave Plastic Containers that successfully protects food without adding chemicals will be the best option, and when the plastic is reclaimable the benefits extend even further for both consumers and producers.

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