Tuesday, 29 October 2013

How to Select Barb Wire Fence for Your Building Site

Barb wire fence is one of the most oldest fencing products used for keeping the animals within the farms . Barb wire is a simple steel wire in which sharp edges are present at a regular interval, these wires have the capacity hurt badly to any moving object if trying to cross it . For this particular reason they are mostly famous for security applications , but their application is not limited to it only.

It depends on the selection of the fence design and the way these wires are laid down on the site which determine their application on the site. According to a study there are almost 570 patent designs available for barb-wire each having its own specific application . For example if a barb wire fence is need to be installed in some farm area , then the wire need to have good coating galvanization on it . This is due to the fact that fertilizer , sand and moisture effects the wire , and with time metal weakens quickly . Thus , wire need to have a heavy coating for farming areas , but this result in heavy cost for the purchase of this wire , thus as per the need of farm , many changes need to be made.

There are different class of Galvanization coating , for example if we take the Class I , then it is the least expensive with minimum amount of coating on it ,while in case of class III the coating is heavy . Class I can serve for upto 7-8years while Class III have proven to last for 20 years.

Next comes the type of post one use , there are options of wood post ,steel posts or concrete post . Each post need can accommodate certain amount of barb wire (i.e. the layers of barb wire ) . While installation of these wires accordingly decision is made.

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