Sunday, 8 December 2013

Cement Mills and Cement Production Lines by HXJQ Hongxing (HXJQ) is a proven name in the field of mining and construction industries. We have developed cement production lines of word’s best quality. It is mainly used for cement packaging and can be found easily in cement plants. Our prices are the most completive not only in china but also in al over the world.
Our cement production line is equally usable for pre0homogenization, crushing, raw materials homogenization, homogenization,
decomposition, packing, grinding and calcinations. These all processes can be efficiently carried out by our production lines.
Few major types of equipment which are involved in our production lines are grate type cooler, cyclone preheated and cement rotary kiln. These all equipments are specifically designed for their designated use. 

Henan  hongxing is an  emerging brand in the construction and mining equipments industry. Their mills of cement have no alternate in the market. Cement is the basic need of construction industry. Hence no one compromises in cement quality in all over the world. HXJQ realizes the importance of this construction material. We keep all standards of the world in consideration.
Our cement mills have low transportation cost and high mobility. We have low transportation costs. We perform direct effective operations. These kinds of crushers are highly beneficial for use in remote areas because giant size stones are very difficult to transport and off coarse transportation raises the production cost. Our mobile crushers provide ease of use at the sites.

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