Thursday, 16 May 2013

A bueatiful invention

Laser hair removal systems is considered as one of the most advanced and reliable method to remove all the surplus hair from the human body and especially from the areas that seek greater public attraction. Laser hair removal systems uses crystal usually alexandrite to produce and emit laser light to remove hair form the body.
Laser hair removal systems projects the beam of laser light from the source with an unambiguous wavelength and it corresponding frequency range. This range can be adjusted upon various visual and physical characteristics of both skin and hair. Further, the diameter of the focus of the beam of the laser light in the laser hair removal systems can also be adjusted with varying large and small spot sizes. The size of the beam also depends upon the characteristics of skin and hair.
As a common practice, smaller beam diameter and greater frequency of laser are used with lighter skin tone and hair whereas, the large beam diameter and smaller frequency of laser are used with darker skin tone and hair.

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