Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Buy Automated Teller Machines – ATM Kiosks from China

Reliable and with improved functionalists the ATM money vending machines from Beijing C&W Technology are one of the best choices inside of China.

The Machines come with all the hardware and software already installed on them, supports multiple languages, and customizable user interfaces that all the banks can use. These machines come with latest hardware on the market, that includes the processor hardware and touch screen panels.

C&W Tech has been an ATM Supplier inside of China since 1994, and now have many customers around the world.

Current featured Model: CRS-T720

Name: ATM Kiosk (In lobby)- Touch Screen

Additional Note: “The product can realize four modes : deposit only, dispense only, cash recycling deposit and dispense, and cash non-cycling deposit and dispense

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