Sunday, 27 January 2013

Caterpillar 320 series demand in Bangladesh

Caterpillar Inc is a very big name in manufacturing construction machines. They have a wide range of product line including all types of earth moving machines.

I am discussing here some features of CAT 320 series excavators which are very demandable in some countries now days and one of the top exporters of used machinery from China is Qihong Construction Machinery, for more product information visit

In Bangladesh people demand CAT 320C but second hand. The demand of second hand excavators is very common in Bangladesh. People know that CAT 320 series of Caterpillar are much stronger than other brands of second hand excavators. So they prefer CAT 320 series.

CAT machines are famous due to their work efficiency and effectiveness, CAT machines are long lasting and are very much user free. There are some big machines of Caterpillar which are driving by single Women.
CAT 320 series are coming in 36,000 to 90,000 are famous as large hydraulic excavators. These machines are made for those who want reliability and high production in earthmoving applications.

These excavators are capable to lift heavy pipe and structures in large water and sewer projects.
Caterpillar Used Crawler cranes are also very famous in Bangladesh.  Bangladesh Government announces some tenders of importing second hand excavators, used crawler cranes, used truck Cranes and used forklift Trucks. So mostly suppliers of used construction machines of Caterpillar are now focusing Bangladesh market.

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