Thursday, 9 May 2013

An amazing invention

HID street Lights has brought remarkable changes in the outdoor lighting. Lighting of outdoor areas such as streets, highways, parking lots and pedestrian areas was dominated by Metal Halide (MH) and High Sodium Sources of Pressure HPS. All those light sources comparatively low utilization has been in use for several years and has understood the performance distinctiveness. Current advancement in HID technology has led to a new opportunity for lighting outdoor areas, with several possible advantages over HPS and MH sources. Fine designed HID outdoor bulbs can give required surface lighting using less energy and better consistency compared with other sources. HID’s can also be much longer life i.e. 12,000 hrs or more, with enhanced luminous efficacy and environment protection. Additional advantages of HID is more focused light, less energy consumption, better color temperature and output up to 1000 W. While MH and HPS technologies maintaining the improvement regularly, HID technology is enhancing very speedily in terms of glowing efficiency, color quality, optical devise, thermal management and cost. Product quality HID current may differ considerably between producers, so necessary due to carefulness in the selection and appropriate use. HID Street Lights performance is very responsive to good thermal and electrical design so it is advised to buy the appropriate ballast for maximum performance.

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